Grant management simplified

Optimy is an all-in-one solution to effectively manage your grant operations, empowering you with more time and data to amplify your corporate social impact.

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Everything you need to streamline your grant activities

Collect grant applications

With your branded and personalized application form, the product does the work for you, streamlining the whole grant application process.

Scale up your grant selection

Through our tools like automated scoring and collaborative reviews, you can speed up your grant selection process by 3x.

A mission-control dashboard

Optimy platform gives you a central HQ to manage all your grant operations, from reviewing your budget spend, to allocating tasks with your team.

Powerful reports made beautiful

We believe in the power of data and have designed a platform that empowers you to track, measure, and review progress either historically or in a live-view.


What our customers say

Grant management customers

“A professional tool to manage all the support requests submitted on our website...definitely worth it!”

“Excellent tool to centralise all of our projects and to have a global view...”

“If you are looking to make changes and improve your systems and processes to meet the needs of your applicants it’s definitely worth using Optimy to do that.”

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